Valentine’s Day 2024 Hard to Break CDs!

Now that Cannonball has returned to a relatively domestic existence for the next month or so after recording his self-titled 32nd album at Axe & Trap Studios in Wells shortly following the end of his 7 week Hard to Break Tour, he finally has the means to ship out physical CDs of Hard to Break to those of you who weren’t able to pick one up during the tour. Because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Cannonball will be leaving for another tour shortly after that, we’ve decided to release a limited batch of CDs of the album especially for Valentine’s Day, available only until the 7th of February. So check out the merch page and get yours while you still can!

You can order your CD with a special handwritten note on the back, as a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, your crush, your mortal enemy, and/or yourself – as we know all too well, these are often the same person, so you’ll likely only have to buy one or two of these CDs to fulfill all your Valentine’s Day gift-giving needs – which then leaves more available for your fellow fans who’ve also been waiting patiently for these CDs to be available online for awhile now.

“Brigitte” from the French television show Les Macarons requested this note for her valentine “Emmanuel”
to be written on the jacket of the CD she is gifting him for this special day.

Modeling an alternative example of fun things you can do to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, Cannonball does not plan on buying Valentine’s Day gifts for any of his partners, crushes, mortal enemies, or selves, because he is transcending material existence broke. But if you’re one of those brave souls who would like to do something nice for a change, there is also the option of buying the CD.

Buying these CDs is yet another way you can help Cannonball raise funds to produce the next line of Cannonball Statman T-shirts, now that the infamous Mike Shoykhet designs from the 2010s have sold out. A pre-order for these shirts will be launched once the new design is released to the public, and this will also help raise funds for their production. A complete list of ways you can help is on the Help Cannonball page.

The much beloved Mike Shoykhet T-shirt designs that are now out of print.

The release of these shirts will coincide with this year’s release of Cannonball’s self-titled 32nd album, which he just finished the preliminary recording sessions for with producer Ben Turner and musical collaborator France de Griessen, who contributes vocals and additional instrumentation to many of the tracks on the album. Cannonball and France have recently begun performing as a duo, singing on each other’s songs whenever they share a bill together on their various tours around the world, including when they performed together at the release party for Hard to Break in Stockton-on-Tees, UK last year, and then again in Paris and Brussels on the tour for the album later that year.

Cannonball Statman (right) and France de Griessen (left) recording Cannonball’s self-titled 32nd album.
Axe & Trap Studios, Wells, UK. January 2024. Photos by Ben Turner.

This duo of France and Cannonball is a new and exciting musical collaboration that has already earned them comparisons to Adam Green and Kimya Dawson in The Moldy Peaches, one of the more well known bands from an earlier generation of the same NYC underground scene that Cannonball was part of in his youth and has since reluctantly allowed himself to be widely considered the king of the Millennial wave of.

The album is planned for release in autumn this year, with a selection of singles released in the summer, and the first batch of T-shirts possibly being delivered as early as spring. In the meantime, be sure to enjoy the Valentine’s Day Special (if you’re into that sort of thing), and stay tuned for announcements of Cannonball’s spring tour dates, including a number of UK and European performances with France de Griessen that are sure to make for an excellent preview of what’s to come in the second half of the year.

See you soon!

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