Film & Poetry

Selected Short Films

Selected Music Videos from 2013-’15
Brook Pridemore: “Oh, E” (2013)
“Cannonball Becomes the One Armed Man” (2013)
“Wormwood Toxicity” (2014)
“Manhattan, I am a Sheep” (2015)

Selected Lo-Fi Homemade Music Videos from 2011
“Painting With You”
“Until 19”
“Boulder City, NV”
“F Train Over Brooklyn”
(with Jocelyn Medina and Gani Parrott)

Selected Lo-Fi Homemade Music Videos from 2009-’10
“Gowanus” (early version of “Snow Globe”)
“Evening Library”
“Nearing the Edge”


There has yet to be a release of Cannonball’s poetry in standalone written format that he fully approves of, but a number of his poems have been set to music (or simply recorded as spoken word without musical accompaniment in some cases) and released on his albums and EPs, and one was also released as a single.

The poems are additionally available in their written format on the BandCamp pages for these recordings.

“Helsinki, 1993” (2020)
“A Slow Trip from the Heart of the Earth”, excerpts from “Ace’s Last Night on Earth”, and “I Want to Die by the Ocean, at Dawn” (2010-2019)
“West Coast” (2016)
“Facebook Poem With Me In It” (2012)
“Resting Place” (2010)
“Pastel” (2010)
“Travel” (2010)
“EEG” (2010)
“2710” (2010)
“Out of Nowhere” (2010)
“The Black Squirrel” (2009)
“On My Way up the Block” (2009)
“The Interdimensional Diplomat” (2009)
“Campaigning in Multiple Visions” (2009)
“Gold Became a Useless Cover” (2009)
“End of the Year” (2003)