Email List

If you’d like to join Cannonball Statman’s monthly email list, just send an email to:

Jesse –
or Kléo –

with the subject line “Joining the Cannonball Statman Monthly Email List”.

In the email itself, say you’d like to join the email list and mention if there’s any specific region where you’d like updates on tour dates (for instance if you’d like to be notified of tour dates in London, Dallas, and Mexico City) or if you’d only like to be notified about album releases, videos, and other projects that are not specific to any location.

Emails are sent out once a month at most, and sometimes they’re sent out less frequently, such as in times when Cannonball isn’t releasing a ton of new music or doing a ton of touring. The emails are personalised based on any specific requests you have about what you’d like to be updated on, and you’re welcome to respond to any of the emails with additional requests such as that you’ve moved to a new city and would like to be notified of tour dates there instead of where you were before.

You can also opt-out and unsubscribe at any time simply by writing Jesse and/or Kléo asking to be taken off the list.

Have fun!