Booking Cannonball Statman in 2024-’25

Throughout 2024 and 2025, Cannonball Statman is available to perform in any season of the year and anywhere in the world, with a primary focus on the UK and mainland Europe.

He’s offering a selection of original songs from throughout his career spanning over two decades, especially tracks from Hard to Break (2023), Rhinoceros Crossing (2019), Miracle on Neon Clown Avenue (2022), and his upcoming self-titled album (2024).

He’s sometimes available as a double bill with the Paris based artist France de Griessen, and these two often duet on each other’s songs. He’s mostly performing as a solo artist, and he’s also occasionally available in quartet or power trio form.

He’s also looking to donate some of his time this year to perform at fundraisers for charitable causes, and is happy to consider these if his travel and accommodation costs are covered in full by the organisers. He has performed previously at events for animal rights, Food Not Bombs, anti-racist groups, and compassionate and humanising approaches to mental health and psychiatric abuse, in addition to events to help individuals with their medical expenses.

If you wish to book Cannonball Statman in any form, anywhere in the world, you can contact Jesse via email ( and include the following information in your request:

Directions to the venue: 
Load-in time: 
Sound equipment available on site: 
Budget for the artists: 
Transportation, accommodation, and planned meals for the artists: 
Capacity and number of people who would be in attendance: 

Regarding the promotion of the event, please only use materials that we give you permission to use, and always give appropriate credit to the photographers, videographers, and illustrators. You may use any of the photos, videos, and text in Cannonball’s 2024 press kit, including the press photos and 30-90 second video clips that are linked on the first page. Cannonball’s press kit is available in: English, Español, Français

For booking the double bill of Cannonball Statman & France de Griessen in France, or for French language audiences anywhere in the world, you can also contact France (in French or in English):

See you soon!

Cannonball Statman in his apartment in Brooklyn, 2023. Photo by Aidan Watson.

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