Spring 2024 Romantic Punk FR Tour with France de Griessen

So here’s something to be excited about if you’re anywhere near Paris or the South of France toward the end of March! The double bill of Cannonball Statman and France de Griessen, fresh from last month’s recording sessions for Cannonball’s upcoming self-titled 32nd album that France de Griessen contributed vocals and instrumentation to, will be embarking on a romantic punk mini-tour in France, with 3 acoustic performances around the country.

This tour starts in Paris at Librairie la 25e Heure, where they recently gave a collaborative performance of music and poetry during Cannonball’s 7 week Hard to Break Tour in autumn last year. They’ll then be heading South to perform in Tarbes at the legendary Celtic Pub, where Cannonball last performed in 2017 during his 3 year world tour. The duo will then make their way East for what appears to be Cannonball’s Bordeaux debut, at a lovely and intimate space in Pessac called Jusqu’à la Lune.

This is an exciting preview of what’s to come as these two romantic punk artists plan more extensive tours and collaborations in the future, and as we anxiously await the release of the album they’ve been working on together, which is planned for release in autumn this year.

See you soon!

poster by France de Griessen

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